About Us


St. Albert Fire Services is ready to respond to any emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The department’s dedicated team of professionals saves lives and protects properties by responding quickly and effectively to suppress fires and provide medical and rescue attention in disaster and other emergency situations.

St. Albert Fire Services specialized services include ice/water rescue and dangerous goods intervention. The department assists the community with service calls concerning items such as fire pits and carbon monoxide and smoke detector activations. Fire Services also educates community groups and schools on fire prevention.


Station 1

On Sir Winston Churchill Ave across from Lions park. Station houses Medic 1, Engine 1, spare Medic and MCI trailer. 5 Emergency Services Personel and 1 Captain are on duty at this station.


Station 2

On Boudreau Road right beside RCMP building. This station houses Medic 2 and Engine 2. 5 Emergency Services Personel and 1 Captain are on duty at this station.


Station 3

On Giroux Road near Ray Gibbon Drive. This is headquarters which house Administration, Dispatch, Training and Emergency Response.

Housed in this station is : Rescue, Sparee Medic, Engine 3, Tower, Tanker, Spare Engine, Bush Buggy, Rescue Boats, Prevention truck and Platoon Chief truck. On duty is 1 dispatcher, 1 platoon chief, 1 station captain, 2 lieutenants, and minimum 3 emergency services personal.


Visit our photo gallery to see images of some of the vehicles we use.